New Students - Welcome!
Littlestown Area School District welcomes all new and prospective students and their families! We are pleased to offer online student registration through our Sapphire Portal.
Online registration requires a current email address that you can access.  When you create your online registration account, you will need to verify your email address.

  • Step 1- Create a registration account via the link below

  • Step 2- Await for a confirmation email from Sapphire

  • Step 3- Use the link in the confirmation email from Sapphire to begin registration.

Choose the appropriate registration form (Kindergarten or Grades 1-12). Completely fill out and submit the online registration form.
After you submit your registration form, you will be contacted by the building office to schedule a meeting to complete the enrollment paperwork.

When you are ready to begin the online registration process, CLICK HERE

Please contact the school if you are unable to complete the online registration form.



CONTACT (717-359-4146)

Alloway Creek Elementary School


Mrs. Wanda Price x4254

Maple Avenue Middle School


Mrs. Beth Williams x3238

Mrs. Hilary Worley x3239

Littlestown Senior High School


Mrs. Carrie Mummert - Guidance x2262

Enrollment Packet Forms

Supporting documentation required for registration:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunization Records

  • Proof of Residency - Mortgage/Lease Agreement or Settlement Papers (additional items are required by district at time of registration) and Multiple Occupancy Form if you reside with a resident of the district

  • Photo Identification of Parent/Guardian enrolling student

  • Multiple Occupancy Form (if you reside in the district with another family)

  • Affidavit and Indemnification Form (if a student resides in the district with non- biological parents or Non-Court appointed guardians) Must be notarized

It is also helpful to have:

  • Previous school records including report cards

  • Name of School & Address (Previously attended)

  • IEP or Special Education paperwork

  • Copies of any testing that may have been done

  • Copies of custody or legal guardianship papers

New or returning to the district? If you have a child entering Kindergarten thru 5th grade, you can access enrollment forms here: New Enrollment Forms contact Mrs. Price at 359-4146, ext. 4254 to schedule an appointment for enrollment.